wealth management plan

Research has shown that while people overestimate how much they can get done in a day, they underestimate what they can accomplish in months and years.

Let's work together to accomplish big things!

Comprehensive financial planning means forging a long term, ongoing relationship to create a plan that aligns your financial goals with your values. 

  • We start by understanding your current financial life.

  • Then we'll organize your finances and together build a snapshot that illuminates for you how you’re doing now.

  • Next we start making plans for the future. What do you want out of your life? For yourself ? Or for your family? How about for your community?

  • Once we know your overall goals (where you want to go), we prioritize your goals and design specific strategies we'll implement to make progress towards your better future.

This process will change over time -- because your own life circumstances, goals and plans will change along the way. It's almost like using Google Maps to plan your future. We'll set your destination, but you'll probably want to add some stops along the way. And you may want to make some adjustments along the way as things change and life happens. 

As part of our ongoing relationship, we will:

  • Help you implement the recommendations we make

  • Advise on financial decisions as they come up, helping to simplify and clarify the issues for you

  • Build a strategy to pay for all four years of college, including FAFSA/CSS Profile assistance, 1-Page College Plan as wells as tax, income and asset strategies

  • Provide investment allocation advice, tax planning strategies, cash flow and savings strategies and retirement projections

  • Create an investment portfolio designed for your risk tolerance and goals, using globally diversified, tax efficient institutional investments

  • Monitor and periodically re-balance your portfolio

  • Provide ongoing investment education specifically tailored to your knowledge and level of experience


  • Initial upfront planning fee is $2,000

  • 1.0% of assets managed (minimum fee of $2,400 per year)


See a sample Financial Plan